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An employee normally has the main household where his center of life is. However, expats who start working in Germany may keep the main household in their home country and this especially happens if the family stays back home.

If you worked abroad, you (or your employer) paid a portion of your income to the tax office. We call this “income tax”, because it is calculated from your gross income. You can legally receive part of your taxes, which you have paid, back, thanks to the tax law for foreigners working in a foreign country. Income tax and pension fund are two totally different payments.

UK Tax year is always from the 6th of April to the 5th of April, unlike a tax year we are used to in most of the countries, from 1st of January to the 31st of December.

This is one of the most frequent questions our clients ask. The reason is that it always seems unfair when a colleague gets back more tax with the same or similar salary as you. However, there are many reasons why this happens.

In most countries, citizens and resident aliens are subject to tax on worldwide income. You are considered “ordinarily resident” in a country if you have lived there for more than 6 consecutive months and, as such, are subject to unlimited tax liability and must pay tax on your worldwide income there.

If you worked abroad, you might find yourself in a situation that you returned back to your home country and need to file a tax return. To do so, you need an earning document from your employer. You write him emails, you try to call, but no response.

Have you worked and paid taxes in the Czech Republic?

How much taxes can you get back, known as a “tax refund”? The average refund of our clients is about 1 180 EUR. Have a look, it might by your case.

Au Pair in the United States of America is a meaningful way to care for children and share educational and cultural experiences, bringing together so many opportunities into one incredible experience.

If you have a child living outside of the EU, you can still be entitled to German child benefit. To do this, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • You are a national of one of the following countries: Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia or Turke...

On 1 January 2019, Austria reduced the amount of child allowances for EU nationals who work in Austria and have children living abroad. It means that some mobile EU workers who fully contribute to the Austrian social security system receive lower benefits compared to those workers whose children...

The rules for non-residents of Austria differ from residents. Filing a tax return may be more complicated if a person comes from a country with which Austria does not have an agreement to avoid double taxation.

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