Last update: 30th Apr 2024
Published: 16th Jul 2022

Form PD U2 (E 303) - Confirmation of continued entitlement to unemployment benefits

Compared to the PD U1 (E 301) form, if you have already claimed unemployment benefit and plan to move to another EU country while you are receiving unemployment benefit, you will need the PD U2 (E 303) form. What to do with the benefit you are currently receiving?

Published: 19th Feb 2024

PD A1 form

Have you been posted abroad by your employer or are you a freelancer and have been contracted to work abroad?

Published: 17th Jul 2023

EU/EWR form for tax refunds from Germany, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg

What is the EU/EWR form or the Foreign Income Tax Return Confirmation and what is it for?

Published: 20th May 2022
Published: 12th Nov 2021

Working in the EU as a non-EU resident

Labour law regarding non-EU nationals can be confusing. In this article we compiled all you need to know about working in the EU if you're not an EU citizen.

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