EU/EWR form for tax refunds from Germany, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg

17th Jul 2023

What is the EU/EWR form or the Foreign Income Tax Return Confirmation and what is it for?

EU/EWR form

Are you working abroad but not resident in that country? If so, you can only claim your foreign tax refund using the EU/EWR form. With the EU/EWR form, you also get the status of a taxpayer with unlimited tax liability.

EU/EWR and German tax refunds

Using the EU/EWR form in practice

The EU/EWR form is particularly useful for German tax refunds. To apply for a tax refund, you must file a German tax return. The EU/EWR form is a compulsory part of the German tax return. The EU/EWR form will be validated by your home tax office, but only after you have filed your tax return in your home country.

I want to apply for a German tax refund

EU/EWR and Austrian tax refund

How do I fill in the EU/EWR form?

You fill in the different parts of the form for yourself or your spouse as follows:

  • Angaben zur Person (Personal data) - you fill in your personal data.
  • Einkünften, die im Ansässigkeitsstaat der Besteuerung unterliegen (Income subject to taxation in the State of residence) - you fill in the gross salary, expenses and other income for yourself.
  • Unterschrift (Signature) - complete the date and signature.

I want to apply for a tax refund from Austria

EU/EWR and Belgian tax refund

Fill in the EWR and get your Belgian tax back!

Under certain conditions, non-residents can be treated as taxpayers with unlimited tax liability abroad. The advantage of unlimited tax liability is that, unlike limited tax liability, you can benefit from all personal income tax advantages and tax credits. These benefits include tax deductions for various expenses and tax credits (charitable contributions, education expenses, mortgage interest deduction and more).

I want to apply for a Belgian tax refund

EU/EWR and Luxembourg tax refund


If you are resident in an EU (or EEA) Member State and your spouse or child is also resident, you can benefit from family tax allowances. To do this, you need to have a completed EWR form.

The EWR is a form that is filled in by the tax office in your place of residence. This confirms the amount of income from your home country.

The EWR document is also accepted by the Luxembourg tax authorities in German.

I want to apply for a tax refund from Luxembourg

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Forms to download for Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg:

Download form for Austria:

Forms to download if you live outside the EU:

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