Last update: 21st Mar 2024
Published: 27th Nov 2022

How does the employee's social security work in Austria?

Do you work in Austria? Then you are covered by compulsory social insurance, which provides Austrian social protection.

Last update: 19th Mar 2024
Published: 24th Sep 2022

Self-employed and social security in Austria

When carrying out business activities in Austria, the entrepreneur becomes part of Austrian social security. What is the amount of levies in Austria? What is included in the insurance premiums?

Last update: 19th Dec 2023
Published: 29th Jan 2023

Everything about working in Austria

Have you found a job in Austria or are you still thinking about it? What should you know before travelling to Austria for work?

Last update: 13th Dec 2023
Published: 5th Jul 2023

Working in Austria versus tax return

Are you working in Austria and have to file a tax return? What will you need to file your tax return?

Last update: 11th Dec 2023
Published: 29th Jul 2023

Family allowances from Austria

Are you working in Austria and have children? Apply for Austrian child benefits.

Last update: 24th Nov 2023
Published: 8th Oct 2019

Form L16 a.k.a. Lohnzettel

Throughout the work in Austria the employer is obligated to issue the employee with a L16 form, called the Lohnzettel. What is it for and what does it contain?

Last update: 19th Oct 2023
Published: 3rd Oct 2019

Returning taxes from Austria. L1I Form.

If you are working or worked in Austria and are filing a tax return you may also have to attach some additional documents. One of them is the form L1i – Erklärung zur ArbeitnehmerInnenveranlagung also known as an employee’s declaration of tax measurement.

Published: 16th Aug 2023

The amount of Austrian family allowances-Familienbeihilfe

Austrian child allowances are adjusted or increased once a year due to indexation and other legal changes. What is the current amount of the allowance and what changes have been made?