What do I have to arrange to work in Austria?

Last update: 15th Apr 2024
Published: 2nd Oct 2022

Have you found a job in Austria? What should you arrange and what should you remember about living and working in Austria?

Overview of obligations

Working abroad brings with it a number of important responsibilities:

  1. Register for residence - within 3 days of entering Austria.
  2. Apply for a residence permit - as soon as possible, but max. within 4 months of entering Austria.
  3. Register your personal motor vehicle - within 30 days of applying for residence.

Register for residence

One of the most important obligations is to register for residence, within 3 days of arriving in Austria. You register your residence at the local authority, the Meldeamt. To register you will need:

  • passport or ID card,
  • birth certificate,
  • a completed registration form or a "Meldezettel" registration card.

The registration form or Meldezettel, which is also available at the registration offices, must be signed by you and the accommodation provider. Once you have registered, you will be assigned a "Personal Registration Number", which can be found on the registration form.

The Meldezettel form is an important document that confirms your stay in Austria.

Residence permit

You will need a residence permit if you plan to stay in this country for more than 3 months. The application for a residence permit, or "Anmeldebescheinigung", must be submitted to the relevant administrative office and must be accompanied by:

  • passport or ID card,
  • a work contract,
  • proof of existing health insurance (e.g. copy of e-card),
  • proof of sufficient financial security (e.g. bank statements).

Once registered, you will receive a "Registration Confirmation".

Registration of a motor vehicle

If you have registered your residence in Austria, you are also obliged to register your motor vehicle within one month of entering the country. To register your vehicle, you will need an identity card, a certificate of insurance for the vehicle and a vehicle registration certificate. You will submit these documents to the registration authority, which will issue you with a completed application form to sign (you do not complete the application form). The registration office will then issue you with a 'Registration Certificate' and a 'Vehicle Approval Certificate'.

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