Published: 12th Dec 2023

The portal has been relaunched. The new version includes a multitude of optimizations, Europe's largest international job portal, is now available in a completely new version. The platform already works in 9 languages, offering modern solutions both for employers and employment agencies, as well as for people looking for a job abroad.

Published: 14th Aug 2023

What is the Certification for the Year and how to fill it in correctly

The so-called Certification for the Year from the tax authority for the income tax return (Potvrzení pro rok zahraničního daňového úřadu) can be a bit of a hassle, so in this article we've answered the most common questions and put together a clear guide on how to fill it in correctly.

Published: 7th Aug 2023

Double taxation

Double taxation is the levying tax on the same income by two or more countries (tax offices).

Published: 19th Feb 2023

Which documents is the employer obliged to issue when terminating employment abroad?

Have you terminated your employment abroad? What do you need to remember and what documents must your employer issue to you?

Published: 12th Oct 2022

Where to apply for unemployment benefit if I lose my job abroad? In my home country or abroad?

Have you left your job abroad and are wondering where to apply for unemployment benefits? What are your options and which are easier?

Published: 5th Sep 2022

Earning documents : what are the differences and similarities in documents from EU-countries

One might agree with this statement, but still, there are some tips on how to become a tax expert.

Published: 21st Jul 2022

Important information about medical insurance in Czech Republic for Ukrainians

This information will be useful for those Ukrainians, who received a special visa of temporary protection in Czech Republic.

Published: 10th Jul 2022

EU Form E 104

Have you worked, or are you still working, in an EU country but plan to return to your home country? You will need an E 104 form when you return from abroad.