Published: 31st Oct 2022

Types of employment contracts in Slovakia

There are two main types of working contracts in Slovakia : classic work contract (full-time) and non-employment agreements. Naturally, there are some differences between them, as well as three variants of non-employment agreements you can choose from. Let’s try to figure out the main attributes of each of them.

Published: 11th Apr 2022

Tax return in Slovakia for non-EU residents

Conditions for tax return in Slovakia are rather easy. Moreover, you can apply for a tax return if you worked here for any time period during the past 5 years. Let’s answer some basic questions.

Ukrainians working in Slovakia can get back some of their taxes using the child bonus. How can you do it?

If you are Ukrainian (or a person from another non-EU country) working in Slovakia, and have children, you can ask the tax office to return part of your income tax back, including the child bonus. This is a legal procedure and all you need to do is to file your tax return.

Published: 23rd Apr 2020

I worked in Slovakia and come from a country outside the EU. How do I file a tax return?

The rules for non-residents of Slovakia differ from residents. Filing a tax return may be more complicated if a person is from a country outside the European Union.

Published: 2nd Apr 2020

How should I pay my tax if I am a non-resident working in Slovakia?

Are you a non-resident working in Slovakia? Did you find out you own money on tax through filing a tax return? To which bank account should you send the money to?

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