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Work in Slovakia for Ukrainians

30th Jan 2023

All Ukrainians who have obtained a Temporary protection visa have the right to find a job as a resident of Slovakia. We have prepared a short summary of useful tips for you.

Ukrainians (and other non-residents) are able to start working in Slovakia only after receiving a visa. In this situation you do not have to confirm your education or get any confirmation of qualifications. You can work till the end of the visa (for now it is until 04.03.2023), the date can be changed by the government. Some jobs have their specific requirements, where a driver's license is often at the top of the list.. There are also government and private projects available for Ukrainians who would like to get a requalification or take additional training in order to start working in Slovakia.

What can you apply for after getting a visa of temporary protection

  • Health insurance - you will be registered in government system of health insurance, as all residents are;
  • Labor market - you have a free access to it, no need of any additional confirmations or documents;
  • Accommodation - you can find offers of accommodation on many online portlas, also here;
  • Bank account - you can open a bank account in Slovak banks, but you will need to attach your visa of a temporary protection to your request;
  • Financial aid - you can apply for financial assistance in a regional center, more information here.

Useful links

There are plenty of different websites that can help you to find work in Slovakia. Here are some of the most popular:

  • ISTP - you can search for a job using various filters like location or the exact name of the company. This portal has also a separate filter for Ukrainians searching for job (in this category you will find jobs which do not require any additional proof of education etc.),
  • Workania - helps you to find a job in 8 EU countries. Just select Slovakia, the region where you currently live and start contacting a potential employer.
  • Portál voľných pracovných miest - on official government portal with translation to Ukrainian language. To be able to search for a job here, you need to register first.
  • Profesia.sk - portal to find a job, tips for how to create a CV and forum of other users is available.

Don’t forget to ask your employer to get a confirmation of the taxable income at the end of the year. You may be entitled to receive a tax refund. Moreover, ukrainians can now apply for a child bonus.

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