Last update: 18th Jan 2024
Published: 5th Feb 2023

A pocket guide to working in Belgium

Are you going to work in Belgium? What are the Belgian working conditions and what should you know before you go?

Published: 28th Jun 2023

Reform of the special tax regime for foreigners working temporarily in Belgium

Belgium has had a special tax regime for foreigners working temporarily in Belgium since 1983. As of 1 January 2022, the rules for the special regime have been modified. Under the special tax regime, foreigners can benefit from a reduction in Belgian income tax and social security contributions.

Published: 9th May 2023

Working in Belgium and entitlement to cash benefits

Cash benefits in Belgium and the conditions for obtaining them. Are you entitled to them?

Last update: 21st Apr 2023
Published: 18th Feb 2023

Family benefits from Belgium

Are you working in Belgium and have children? Apply for Belgian child benefits.

Published: 3rd Dec 2021

Which documents do I need to file a tax return in Belgium?

Are you filing a tax return in Belgium? These are the documents you will need to get your money back.

Published: 28th Nov 2021

Income tax rates in Belgium

Tax rates in Belgium stay the same every year, the only thing that changes are the amounts these tax rates apply to.

Published: 30th Aug 2021

Taxes in Belgium: everything you need to know about them

There are many different kinds of taxes in Belgium. In this article we explain the most important ones.

File EWR to get your tax refund from Belgium and Luxembourg

Under certain conditions non-residents can be treated as subject to unlimited income tax in foreign countries.