Published: 2nd Jun 2021

Why is my refund lower than expected?

After filing a tax return you might be surprised by receiving a lower refund than expected. Why is that?

Published: 5th Apr 2021

What is an “income tax refund”?

Ever heard of it? No? Check out, what it is and how you can apply for it.

Published: 12th Aug 2020
Published: 20th Jul 2020

Why do I get less on the tax refund than my colleague?

This is one of the most frequent questions our clients ask. The reason is that it always seems unfair when a colleague gets back more tax with the same or similar salary as you. However, there are many reasons why this happens.

Published: 12th Jul 2020

How does worldwide income affect my tax refund?

Have you worked in more than one country in one year?

Published: 9th Jul 2020

My employer did not send me my yearly earning summary. What do I do?

Do you need to get your earning document from your employer who isn't willing to give it to you?

Published: 4th Feb 2020

How we protect your data?

Find out more about our app and how we protect your data.

Published: 25th Nov 2019

Being a resident in a foreign country

Are you a resident of a foreign country? Are you not sure?