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Why is my refund lower than expected?

2nd Jun 2021

After filing a tax return you might be surprised by receiving a lower refund than expected. Why is that?

Your refund can be deducted by the amount owed to other government institutions or foreign governments. Let's take a look at some of the most common reasons why:

Tax debt from other countries

Adam was expecting to be refunded 1.850 € by the Belgian tax office but only ended up receiving 1.250 €. Tax office lowered the refunded amount by Adam's tax debt he gathered after working in the Netherlands caused by low social insurance payments.

Debts owed to other government agencies

Martin was employed in Austria. He filed a tax return expecting to receive 1.130 € but ended up being refunded 300 € less. Tax office deducted the refunded amount by his speeding ticket cost he was yet to pay.

There are many other reasons for your refund to be smaller than expected. To save you from an unwanted surprise, we always require as much information as possible. Our company accepts no liability for a lower tax refund caused by the client's debt. Our commission is calculated based on your expected refund.

We deal with all cases individually. If you ever find anything unclear, our customer service will be more than happy to assist you.

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