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How we protect your data?

4th Feb 2020

Find out more about our app and how we protect your data.

We consider all the information you fill in the forms as highly sensitive. We do not sell information to third parties. This means no other company will contact you without your approval. Everything you tell us will remain confidential. If you choose to request the deletion of your information, we will do as you require.

Our team provides customer and technical support to visitors and users of our products. We use Google services for internal and email communication with visitors, Smartsupp for chat communication, and occasionally Facebook for customer support purposes. We use Google to manage emails and back up contacts and business documents. We process our accounting documents in the Premier program, licensed by the parent company NeoTax.

Data is stored on its own server, managed by Clientigent, s.r.o. Servers, hosting, databases and database backup and management is provided by OVH and ProfitBricks. The site is secured by HTTPS protocol. We use Česká spořitelna, a.s. (Global WebPay), bank online transfers of GoPay, s.r.o., PayPal, Inc. If you pay by bank transfer, you send money to our bank account at FIO bank. Your comments, emails, forms and help messages are accessed by a team of customer support colleagues who adhere to strict data handling rules. Even simpler: your data will not be accessed by someone who is not authorized and without reason, which means, for example, a user's request to check the form.

In order to better understand the behavior of our website, guests and users of our services and to provide them with the best possible services, we use Google Analytics from Google, Inc.

You can find the terms of use of our services at www.neotax.eu.

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