Tax return in Slovakia for non-EU residents

11th Apr 2022

Conditions for tax return in Slovakia are rather easy. Moreover, you can apply for a tax return if you worked here for any time period during the past 5 years. Let’s answer some basic questions.

What is needed?

First of all you need a Confirmation of taxable income (Potvrdenie o zdaniteľných príjmoch). This document should include : your name and surname, date of birth, address; working period, salary, paid taxes, insurance; information about the employer (name of the company, address) etc. These data are a confirmation that you are able to apply for a tax return or your employer has already done this automatically. Secondly,you need to add your identity document (passport for instance).

Child bonus

This is a very useful type of bonus for parents who have children under 25 years old. For 2021 for each child under 6 years old you will get 46,44 EUR per month, for the child over 6 years old - 23,22 EUR per month. The conditions for applying for this bonus are that you should earn more than 3 738 EUR per year and 90% of your worldwide income that year should be in Slovakia. You need to add confirmation that your child is studying (kindergarten, school, university etc.).

Bonus for a wife on a maternity leave

If your wife was on maternity leave with a kid under 3 years old while you were working abroad, you can apply for this bonus too. You need to add your child’s birth certificate and marriage certificate as a confirmation.

When should I receive a refund?

After sending all necessary documents to us, our colleagues will process your application and send it to the Slovak tax office. All documents and applications are in electronic form. Approximate waiting time according to the tax office is up to 1-2 months.

What should I do if I don’t have confirmation of taxable income?

This situation can happen. That is why we offer you a service Replacement, so we will send a request to the employer and get the needed document instead of you.

I want to get my tax refund