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Everything you need to know about working in Australia

15th Nov 2022

Have you found a job in Australia or are you just thinking about it? What should you know before travelling to Australia for work?

Work permit

Anyone who wants to work in Australia needs a work visa, which must be applied for before travelling to the country. The most commonly used work visas include:

The visa categories listed above, or main visa categories, are further sub-categorised depending on the length of stay in Australia, the type of work you will be doing and your qualifications. You can use the visa finder to make the right choice of work visa.

Applying for an Australian work visa

You must apply for an Australian work visa electronically, by completing the online application form. Two days after submitting the completed form, the applicant will receive an email message (to the email address provided on the application form) informing them of:

  • visa has been granted,
  • the need to complete information or documents,
  • referral for further consideration (the status of the application can be monitored in the online application),
  • rejection of the application (the applicant receives detailed information on the reasons for the rejection).

In order to obtain a work visa, it is important to prove:

  • passport validity for at least 3 months after arrival in Australia,
  • qualifications or skills for the job you are applying for. The specific job must also be listed on the relevant list of skilled occupations,
  • passing a medical examination, meeting Australian health requirements.

Accommodation in Australia

Australia offers the following accommodation options:

  • Homestay accommodation: this is usually accommodation away from the city centre,
  • Shared accommodation, or multiple tenants living in the same apartment or house: the cheapest form of accommodation in Australia,
  • hostels and backpackers:a form of accommodation suitable for short stays,
  • renting an apartment or house: the process is complicated and the minimum rental period is 6 months to 1 year,
  • hotel: the most expensive form of accommodation.
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Work contract

A work contract can be concluded in writing or verbally. The main points of a work contract include the type of employment, the working hours (a full-time employee can work 38 hours per week), the place of work, the amount of pay, holiday entitlement and the notice period.

Types of employment relationship:

  • Principal employment: with a contract of indefinite duration,
  • temporary work: fixed-term contract,
  • part-time employment: with working time of less than 38 hours per week,
  • casual work: the employee performs work at the employer's request without being guaranteed continuous work,
  • daily hiring: with 1 day's notice,
  • seasonal work.

Conducting business in Australia as an Australian trade is possible after obtaining an Australian Business Number (ABN). The application for an ABN must be made electronically, i.e. through the Australian Online Tax Office.

Minimum wage in Australia

From 01 July 2021, the minimum hourly wage is set at $20.33. For employees under the age of 21, the minimum wage is as follows:

Age Minimum hourly wage
16 years $ 9,62
17 years $ 11,75
18 years $ 13,89
19 years $ 16,77
20 years $ 19,86
Sourcej: https://www.australianunions.org.au/factsheet/minimum-wages/

Income tax

The amount of income tax depends on whether or not the taxpayer is an Australian resident. For residents, the following income tax rates apply. The income tax rate for non-residents of Australia is 32.5 cents on every dollar.

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