Taxation of income from the humanitarian aid in the Czech Republic

3rd Nov 2022

A lot of Ukrainians received different types of humanitarian aid in the Czech Republic and other countries. In this article, we will check if the income received as a financial aid is a matter of taxation in the Czech Republic.

Income which is free from taxation includes specific types of income which you are not required to mention in your tax declaration or are even not allowed to mention. It depends on the type of the income and its amount. There is a certain limit, in exceeding which you will need to pay taxes from the whole amount.

Tax exempt income includes:

  • Unemployment benefit,
  • Sickness benefit,
  • Child bonus (pregnancy aid and maternity benefits),
  • Extraordinary aid (humanitarian etc).

According to the Czech law, all income from social benefits is free from taxation. That means that you don’t need to pay taxes from it or file a tax return.

This law applies not only for Ukrainians , but for all people who received any type of social benefit in the Czech Republic.

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Nevertheless, if you had other income from employment, dividends or rent, you need to file a tax return in the Czech Republic. Any problem while filing? Contact our tax advisor and we will help you.