The portal has been relaunched. The new version includes a multitude of optimizations

12th Dec 2023, Europe's largest international job portal, is now available in a completely new version. The platform already works in 9 languages, offering modern solutions both for employers and employment agencies, as well as for people looking for a job abroad.

By relaunching the portal, it was aimed at making it much more accessible, more practical and friendlier for employers, but also for people looking for a job. Among the most important improvements to the portal are: refreshed design, easy-to-use tools, advanced search engine for job offers and employers, expansion of the blog page with additional categories and much more. for Candidates - the most important changes

In the Candidates section, the most important change is the refreshed view of the job offers page, which is much more readable. In addition, a more advanced website was created with a search engine for individual employers. Now it will be much easier to check who published a job ad. Changes have also been made to the blog section. Recruiters or candidates who want to be aware of selected articles (for example, related to a specific country or category), can subscribe to receive appropriate notifications when news appears.

Another change is the status. After sending the application, you can check whether the employer has displayed and viewed the candidate's application. One can also see if the recruitment is ongoing or has already ended. This minimizes the sometimes unnecessary stress associated with waiting for a response from the Employer.

Also, candidates are now offered a free and very easy-to-use CV builder. They just need to fill in all the fields and save the document at the end. It only takes a few minutes to have a good professional CV to send. for Employers - the most important changes

With the release of the new version, the Employer Panel has been almost completely changed. After logging in, the following information can be observed: the appearance of detailed statistics related to published ads (applications, views, etc.) and the general history of account activity (bills paid, history of operations), the updated list of added job offers, a separate list of applicants, proposed candidates and purchased candidates, possibility to add photos of employee accommodation (or link to video offer).

A revolutionary change for Employers is the recruitment tool Dashboard +, which allows: combining job offers in projects, simultaneous management of recruitment projects by several users, in-depth analysis of the recruitment process in the form of reports, management of applications (including granting status mentioned above and importing from other sources), contacting a potential candidate (eg sending text messages or a video call, video conferencing), exporting the candidate list, translating candidate CVs. Dashboard + will speed up and facilitate the entire process of communication between the Candidate and the Employer.

In addition, the possibility of purchasing Ad Packages is offered. If employers are interested in purchasing multiple job offers, after logging into the Employer Panel, they can easily select any number of job offers from the selected Package (Standard, Konfort or Premium). The more ads, the bigger the discount. Such a solution facilitates the entire recruitment process for larger companies. In order to make job offers as attractive as possible, they are offered the opportunity to purchase the Offer of the Week promotion. Then, based on the content of their ad, a short movie will be generated and displayed on the home page for 7 days!


Opened about a decade ago in Poland and since 2019 in Romania, is currently the largest international job portal in Europe. The platform works in 9 language versions, offering optimized solutions, both for employers or employment agencies, and for people looking for a job abroad. Their platform may help you locate your ideal career overseas if that's something you're interested in. Additionally, NeoTax can provide you with all the information and guidance you want if you are interested in financial services assistance.

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