Last update: 13th Dec 2023
Published: 5th Jul 2023

Working in Austria versus tax return

Are you working in Austria and have to file a tax return? What will you need to file your tax return?

Published: 12th Dec 2023

The portal has been relaunched. The new version includes a multitude of optimizations, Europe's largest international job portal, is now available in a completely new version. The platform already works in 9 languages, offering modern solutions both for employers and employment agencies, as well as for people looking for a job abroad.

Last update: 11th Dec 2023
Published: 29th Jul 2023

Family allowances from Austria

Are you working in Austria and have children? Apply for Austrian child benefits.

Last update: 6th Dec 2023
Published: 11th Mar 2020

Germany: Confirmation of local income with EU/EEA certificate (also known as Bescheinigung EU/EWR)

Under certain conditions, people who live abroad and largely generate their income in Germany can be treated as subject to unlimited income tax in Germany.

Last update: 24th Nov 2023
Published: 8th Oct 2019

Form L16 a.k.a. Lohnzettel

Throughout the work in Austria the employer is obligated to issue the employee with a L16 form, called the Lohnzettel. What is it for and what does it contain?

Published: 24th Nov 2023

Navigating VAT and Accounting for Amazon Sellers: A Comprehensive Guide

Deciding to sell goods on Amazon opens up a world of opportunities, but it also comes with its share of accounting and tax obligations. This guide aims to clarify these responsibilities and help you understand when and how to account for VAT in your Amazon sales.

Published: 6th Nov 2023

Soka-Bau - German Vacation Fund

If you send employees to Germany for construction work, you are obliged to register with the German vacation fund known Soka-Bau. How does this process work?

Published: 6th Nov 2023

Tax returns and refunds from the Netherlands

Have you worked in the Netherlands? Apply for a tax refund. Here you will find an overview of deadlines, documents and other information needed to file a tax return in the Netherlands.