Last update: 26th Mar 2024
Published: 15th Aug 2023

Working in Germany and entitlement to cash benefits

Are you working in Germany and don't know what benefits you are entitled to? In addition to an overview of the benefits, the following article will give you information on the conditions you need to meet to get them.

Last update: 21st Mar 2024
Published: 27th Nov 2022

How does the employee's social security work in Austria?

Do you work in Austria? Then you are covered by compulsory social insurance, which provides Austrian social protection.

Last update: 19th Mar 2024
Published: 24th Sep 2022

Self-employed and social security in Austria

When carrying out business activities in Austria, the entrepreneur becomes part of Austrian social security. What is the amount of levies in Austria? What is included in the insurance premiums?

Published: 13th Mar 2024

USA: List of states in different packages

The USA consists of 52 states and the tax return process varies from state to state. We have prepared four packages regarding the tax return services. The packages are divided by each US state.

Published: 19th Feb 2024

PD A1 form

Have you been posted abroad by your employer or are you a freelancer and have been contracted to work abroad?

Last update: 18th Jan 2024
Published: 5th Feb 2023

A pocket guide to working in Belgium

Are you going to work in Belgium? What are the Belgian working conditions and what should you know before you go?

Last update: 16th Jan 2024
Published: 26th Nov 2022

What happens if you do not file a German tax return?

There is a close link between working in Germany and filing a tax return. But what if you don't file a tax return? How does this affect you?

Last update: 10th Jan 2024
Published: 18th May 2022

Child benefit in Germany / Kindergeld

Are you working in Germany and have children? Then you can apply for German child benefits.