How much child benefit can you get in Austria?

How much child benefit can you get in Au...

Child benefit is an important source of money for most parents which is paid every month on the 6th regardless of the income in Austria.

The tax offices only pay child benefit to one person who is entitled - usually, it is either the father or the mother. If the child lives in the same household as the parents, they must clarify to whom or to which account the child benefit fund should transfer the money. Grandparents can also be entitled to child benefit if they live with their grandchildren.

The most important thing is that the Austrian tax office pays out child benefits 5 years retrospectively - from receipt of the application which can be a significant amount of money.

Amount of child benefit in a month

since 01/01/2015 since 01/01/2018
From birth 111.80 EUR 114 EUR
From 3 years 119.60 EUR 121.90 EUR
From 10 years 138.80 EUR 141.50 EUR
From 19 years 162 EUR 165.10 EUR

The total monthly amount of family allowance is increased by the sibling graduation:

  • For two children is granted around 6.90 EUR for each child
  • For three children is granted around 17 EUR for each child
  • For four children is granted around 26 EUR for each child
  • For five children is granted around 31.40 EUR for each child
  • For six children is granted 35 EUR for each child
  • For seven and more children is granted 51 EUR for each child

Parents can be granted child benefits for students and this is basically possible up to the age of 24 years. For children under the age of 24, there is an entitlement to the child benefits for the period between the end of school education and the earliest possible start of further vocational training.

If the parents of the child live in different EU countries and there is no common household, the parent with whom the child mainly lives is entitled to child benefit. This can also be in another EU country.


The child lives with its mother in Romania and therefore does not have a place of residence in Austria. The father who is divorced from his mother and lives in Austria is not entitled to child benefit. The mother living in Romania is eligible.

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