Are you currently working or planning on working in Germany? We have written down the most frequently asked questions related to arranging work in Germany.

Are you planning to file a tax return in Italy or are you waiting to get your tax refund? Here is why it may take basically forever.

In this article we gathered the 3 possible deadlines by which you need to file your tax return in Germany.

After filing a tax return you might be surprised by receiving a lower refund than expected. Why is that?

Not all taxpayers in Germany are obligated to file a tax return, though all of them have the right to do so. You can apply to get your taxes refunded four years back. The tax office doesn't inform you about your obligation.

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If you are Ukrainian (or a person from another non-EU country) working in Slovakia, and have children, you can ask the tax office to return part of your income tax back, including the child bonus. This is a legal procedure and all you need to do is to file your tax return.

If you worked abroad and want to refund your income tax from a foreign country, you will have to prove your income in Ukraine.

Did you know you can receive a part of the taxes you paid in Lithuania? What is the magic behind this?

You maybe heard that you can receive part of your taxes that you have paid while working in Lithuania. What is the magic behind this?

Did you work in Germany last year and receive a Kurzarbeitergeld or other benefits? Don't forget to file a tax return.

Ever heard of it? No? Check out, what it is and how you can apply for it.

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