I worked in Germany. Am I obligated to file a tax return?

14th May 2021

Not all taxpayers in Germany are obligated to file a tax return, though all of them have the right to do so. You can apply to get your taxes refunded four years back. The tax office doesn't inform you about your obligation.

You have to file for a tax return if:

  • you are self employed,
  • your business had net loss last year,
  • you entered a marriage within a one year of becoming a divorcee or a widow/er,
  • you had more than one employer at a time,
  • you had another source of income apart from your salary,
  • you earned wage replacement benefits higher than 410 € a year,
  • you were a part of tax class III. or V,
  • you or your spouse were a part of tax class VI,
  • your permanent residence was outside of Germany but you applied for unlimited tax liability.

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