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Working in Ireland: all you need to know about tax return

1st Aug 2022

Ireland provides a wide range of working places for employees from all over the world. However, citizens of non-EU countries are obliged to receive a working permit, all the workers are entitled to get a tax refund. You can find more information concerning the Irish tax system in the article.

Visa types

First step to start working in Ireland is getting a visa. If you are a citizen of EU country or Switzerland, most likely you do not need any specific permissions. You can check this information here. There are 2 types of working visas in Ireland: for 3 months and long-term permit. While filing a tax return you need to mention your arrival date and departure date.

PPS number

This is your personal public number, which consists from 7 numbers and one or two letters. You will need this number to file your tax return, to apply for allowances or to have an access to public information and services in Ireland. You will get this number automatically while being employed there.

Here is where you can find it:

  • Public services card,
  • Medical insurance card,
  • PAYE portal,
  • P45 / P60 form.

Р45/Р60 form

This document is a confirmation of your income in Ireland. Each employer is obliged to provide his employees with this type of the document at the end of the tax year (31 December) or when the work contract ends.

You can find important information here: your income, taxes paid, PSS number and so on.

TIP: if you lost your P45/P60 form, you can use our Replacement service and we will send a request to your employer instead of you.

Tax rates

There are two types of tax rates in Ireland. So called standard rate is used for taxation of a specific amount of income. For example, in the 2021 you will pay a standard tax 20% for your income of up to 35300 EUR. If you earned more, the excess amount will be taxed by high rate. It means that if you earned more that 35300 EUR in 2021, the excess amount of your income will be taxed by 40%.

Deadline for filing a tax return is 31 October each year!

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