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Important information about medical insurance in Czech Republic for Ukrainians

21st Jul 2022

This information will be useful for those Ukrainians, who received a special visa of temporary protection in Czech Republic.

After getting a visa of temporary protection, Ukrainians gain free medical insurance, covered by the government. It will be free only for 150 days after getting a visa. That means that after this term you need to pay medical insurance by yourself.

However, not all individuals are required to pay insurance by themselves. Here are exceptions, where medical insurance is paid by the government:

  • Children up to 18 years old,
  • Students from 18 to 26 years old, while studying in Czech Republic or Ukraine,
  • Pensioners from 65 years old.

There are other rules for individuals from 18 to 64 years old, which DO NOT need to pay insurance by themself either:

  • Employee, who has a work contract or agreement to perform work with the minimum salary 10 000 CZK - medical insurance is paid by the employer. (you can find more information here
  • Individuals, who are taking care for the whole day for at least one child aged up to 7 years old or two or more children aged up to 15 years old - medical insurance is paid by the government.
  • Individuals, who applied for work and are registered in employment service. The main condition is to be registered in Czech employment service. This condition applies also for people with disabilities or other medical problems and for people, who are taking care of such individuals. In this case, medical insurance is paid by the government.

Self-employed or other categories of people, which are not included in the list above, need to pay medical insurance in the company where they are registered by themself. You need to inform your medical insurance company about all the changes in your personal information or employment status. The deadline is 8 days after the 150 days term from getting a visa of temporary protection.

You can find more information about employment in Czech Republic here. This information is primarily intended for Ukrainians and Czech employers.

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