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Tax returns and refunds from the Netherlands

6th Nov 2023

Have you worked in the Netherlands? Apply for a tax refund. Here you will find an overview of deadlines, documents and other information needed to file a tax return in the Netherlands.

It is obligatory to file a tax return in Netherlands for everyone who:

  • received a summon to file a tax return - the tax office sends a summon known as the “blue envelope”, in which there is stated the preliminary tax assessment and the deadline for filing the tax return,
  • received form C from the tax office - it concerns taxpayers, who had income not only from the Netherlands, but also from another EU/EEA country,
  • did not receive summon or form C, but have a tax underpayment of more than €49 - as the case may be that you paid lower taxes,
  • is non-resident of the Netherlands, but subject to taxes / tax levies in the Netherlands,
  • lived in the Netherlands only for part of the year.

Important: Not every taxpayer is automatically requested by the tax office to file a tax return. If you are not sure whether you have to file a tax return, ask for a consultation.

Documents needed for a tax return in Netherlands

For filing the tax return you will need:

  • Jaaropgaaf - confirmation of taxable income,
  • EU/EEA form - it proves local income from the home country,
  • copy of children birth certificate,
  • copy of marriage certificate,

  • types of Netherlands tax return forms:

    • form P - for residents of the Netherlands,
    • form M - for taxpayers, who have address in the Netherlands only for part of the year,
    • form C - for non-residents, as the case may be for taxpayers, who do not have address in the Netherlands, but they have Netherlands income (eg. income from property rental, alimony, pension or any other income),
    • form W - for freelancers,
    • form F - for relatives of the deceased person.

How to file a tax return

Tax return could be filed:

  • electronically - through online tax office Belastingdienst,
  • by mail - to the local tax office.

Within three months at the latest after filing the tax return, tax payer will get a preliminary tax assesment from the tax office. However, this is only a rough estimate. The final decision with exact information about the amount of overpayment or underpayment will be given to the taxpayer once the tax office will check the tax return.

Married couples can file the joint tax return.

Deadlines for filing tax return in 2022

Taxpayers who received a summon to file a tax return is obligated to do so till the date which is given in the document. Other taxpayers, who are obligated to file a tax return for 2022 need to do so in following deadlines:

Tax status Deadline
Resident 1st of May 2023
Non-resident 31st of December 2027

Tax return in Netherlands can be filed up to 5 years back.

Is filling the tax return too complicated for you? Feel free to contact our tax specialistst, who can file the tax return and process tax refund from the Netherlands for you. In case of need they can also help you gain the Jaaropgaaf or any other documents.

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