Published: 18th Aug 2023

Flat-rate expenses

If you are self-employed, there are three ways to tax expenses on your tax return. The simplest is to use flat rate expenses. Who can use a flat rate and how much? Up to what limit?

Published: 7th Apr 2023

Tax return and tax discounts in the Czech Republic

The tax season is here again and we have prepared a brief overview of its most pleasant part - tax discounts.

Published: 20th Apr 2022

How to file your Czech income tax return for the year 2022

Approaching the end of April, one of the more difficult periods of the tax year is nearly over, but the are still important deadlines for you to keep in mind. In this article, we'll go over the ways to file a tax return in the Czech Republic.

Published: 10th Mar 2022

Tax refund in the Czech Republic for those, who worked there in previous 5 years

In this frustrating situation many of us have different complications, especially financial. So, if you worked abroad in the previous 5 years, you will be interested in our offer. NeoTax will help you get a refund from EU countries.

Published: 2nd Jul 2020

How much you get back as tax refund from the Czech Republic?

Have you worked and paid taxes in the Czech Republic? How much money can you get back?

Published: 11th Apr 2018

Czech republic tax refund

Income Tax Refund from Czech Republic

All employed and self-employed individuals working in Czech Republic pay 15% income tax on their earnings and they have the right to get their taxes back under special circumstances when leaving the country.

Published: 31st Dec 2008

What is Potvrzení zahraničního daňového úřadu k přiznání k dani z příjmů?

Understanding the so-called Potvrzení pro rok can be harder than it seems. In this article, we answer the most frequently asked questions and compiled a guide on how to fill it in correctly.

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