How much you get back as tax refund from the Czech Republic?

2nd Jul 2020

Have you worked and paid taxes in the Czech Republic? How much money can you get back?

If you are a foreigner (EU-citizen), who worked for the whole year or part of it in the Czech Republic, you should file a tax return in order to receive some money back.

What do you need to get your money back?

In case you had a contract with your employer or a work agency, you should receive a document called Potvrzení o zdanitelných příjmech. This will be issued to you usually around February next year or when terminating the contract. The document summarizes how much money you´ve made, how much taxes were paid, and other important information.

Why can you get the money back?

Your employer paid taxes on your behalf to the tax office. However, in 95 % of our cases, he did not take into account tax reliefs which help to lower your taxes or get back some extra money. Typically, if you have a spouse (with income less than 68 000 CZK per year) or children under 26 years of age. By filing your tax return, you are claiming this money to be paid to you.

It is also possible, that your employer paid on your behalf more taxes than was supposed to pay. In such a case, you will receive this overpayment back.

What are the most frequent cases?

Let's take a look at 3 examples:

  1. Mihai worked in the Czech Republic for 8 months. He has his family (a wife and two children, both under 26 years of age, are living in Romania). Under certain conditions, Mihai can get back approximately 25 000 CZK on him, 25 000 CZK on his wife and nearly 34 000 CZK on his children, as his tax reliefs.

  2. Anna is Hungarian. She worked in the Czech Republic for 4 months, during the summer. Her salary was 20 000 CZK per month. This was her only income during the year. She can get back approx. 16 000 CZK, if her employer applied “tax relief on taxpayer”. Minimum she can get is approx 7 800 CZK.

What if Anna made less money? Only 12 000 CZK per month? If her employer did not apply “tax relief on taxpayer”, Anna can get back 9660 CZK. If yes, then she will get back approx. 1 380 CZK.

  1. Alex worked in the Czech Republic for the whole year. His average gross monthly income was 22 000 CZK. His wife lives and works in Bulgaria and has an annual income under 68 000 CZK. Alex can get back 24 840 CZK as “tax relief” on his wife.

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