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How to confirm your local income in Ukraine?

13th Apr 2021

If you worked abroad and want to refund your income tax from a foreign country, you will have to prove your income in Ukraine.

Why? Mostly, you need to prove, that you made more money in that foreign country than in your home country. Simply said, why would the German tax office refund your tax, if you were a millionaire in Ukraine, right?

Also, in some countries, the tax office will determine, in which country you pay the tax and if there are other limitations.

How to prove your income?

  • You need to visit your local tax office (usually in the place where you live in Ukraine) and ask the clerk to confirm, how much money you earned officially in Ukraine in the given year. For example, if you want to refund your tax from Germany from the past, for the year 2018, your tax office will issue a document proving how much your income in Ukraine was in 2018
  • The document is in Ukrainian, so you need to have it translated into a foreign language. We will then attach this document the tax return and send to the tax office abroad.
  • The service is free of charge

If you need help contact our Ukranian tax advisor.

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