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Child bonus in Germany due to Covid-19

28th Dec 2020

The child bonus is a "bonus child benefit" which is a special payment for the same basic requirements as for child benefit. The bonus is part of the federal government's Corona stimulus package in order to support families with financial help, as they are exposed to particular stresses due to the Corona crisis.

Who gets the child bonus?

The child bonus is paid for every child who is or has been entitled to child benefit for at least one month in 2020.

The child bonus is also paid for children if:

  • there is no longer any entitlement to child benefit (for example the child completed their education in July) or
  • you are not yet entitled to child benefit (for example the child will not be born until December 2020).

Payment and amount of the child bonus

The child bonus is not paid out together with the child benefit, but as a separate payment (basically in 2 installments).

When the payment is made depends on the point in time in 2020 when you are or was entitled to child benefit:

  • For children who were entitled to child benefit in September 2020, the payment was made in September 2020 (200 euros) and in October 2020 (100 euros).
  • For children for whom there was no longer any entitlement to child benefit in September 2020, but previously in a different month in 2020 (for example, because the education was completed in July), the payment will be made in mid-November 2020 in the amount of 200 euros and mid -November December 2020 in the amount of 100 euros.

For children born between September and December 2020 inclusive, the following applies: The payment of the child bonus is based on the month of birth of the child and the time the child benefit is applied for.

The child bonus will be paid out to you automatically if you have applied for child benefit for your newborn child. Payment is generally made in 2 installments (200 euros and 100 euros). In certain cases, child benefit and child bonus for newborn children are paid out together.

If you worked in Germany and have a child, you can use our application for filing a child benefit request.

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