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Have you worked abroad and want to make some extra money from your home?

30th Mar 2021

No joke, you can make 123 Eur per month just like our client Yuriy Dropov.

Ever heard of commission programs? Simply said, you get paid commission for every contact you recommend to the company. It can be your former colleague, friend, relative who worked abroad and want to get the income tax back.

Our client Yuriy Dropov made 123 Eur just like that. He worked in the Czech Republic and had a group of colleagues not only from Ukraine but also from Romania and Moldova working for the same company. He recommended 41 of them to use our services and for each of them, he got 3 Eur paid. In just one month.

We asked Yuriy to share his experience.

How did you meet our agency?

“I am working abroad for 3 years now. I started in the Czech Republic for 2 years and then, the next year in Lithuania. I heard about the possibility to get my taxes paid back so I searched for an accountant and I got contact to Human Capital. First, I could not believe, anything like that would be possible and also, I was careful to avoid any fraudulent behavior. You know, many agencies these days ask you to pay money and you never hear back from them. But HC explained that they advance the service and I pay only after I get the money. That was fair, I thought.”, he explains.

I got my 1225 Eur on refunds for 3 years

“I couldn´t believe, this was true. But - no tricks, just money on my bank account. Some 755 Eur from Lithuania tax office and the rest from the Czech office. After I got back to Kharkov, I stopped by the agency to say hello. Strange, I have never met the people before, as we did everything over the phone, but as I mentioned, I did not pay anything upfront, so I thought I did not risk anything”, Yuriy laughs.

The extra 123 Eur in January

“The agency asked, if I have some colleagues who also wanted to get their taxes and offered me 3 Eur for contact. Sure, I couldn´t make this money any easier way!” Yuriy recalls, that he immediately thought of his buddies he met while he was working abroad. He sent them message via Facebook and within few weeks, he was able to collect over 40 people to register!

Want to make some money as well?

Do you know anybody who worked abroad in the past 5 years and wants to apply for tax back? Yes, it is possible to ask even backward! We can even give you an exclusive discount code that you can send to your friends around. Contact us at expats@neotax.eu and start making your money.

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