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How much child benefit can you get in Germany?

22nd Dec 2020

Child benefit is an important source of money for a lot of parents. As a parent you are entitled to recieve your child benefit every month regardless of your income.

The Familienkasse (Family Benefits Office) only pays child benefit to one person who is entitled - usually it is either the father or the mother. If the child lives in the same household as the parents, they must clarify to whom or to which account the child benefit fund should transfer the money. Grandparents can also be entitled to child benefit if they live with their grandchildren.

Important thing is that the Familienkasse pays out child benefits only six months retrospectively - from receipt of the application.

Amount of child benefit in a month

Find out how much child benefit you are entitled to in our simple free child benefit calculator.

For which children and in which age?

which children which age
 All children from birth to 18th birthday
 Children in education (students)  from 18th to 25th birthday
Disabled children  beyond the age of 25

You are also entitled to benefits if one parent works in Germany and the children live in their home country or in another EU country with the other parent. In this context, a separated family is considered to be a family living in the same household and the parent working in Germany can also receive the benefit.

If the allowance is paid in the home country, it can also be paid from Germany. These are calculated so that the final sum of the benefits from both countries equals the maximum amount abroad. In other words, the German allowance will be reduced by the amount of the home country allowance.

I want to apply for child benefits