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Returning taxes from Austria. L1I Form.

Last update: 19th Oct 2023
Published: 3rd Oct 2019

If you are working or worked in Austria and are filing a tax return you may also have to attach some additional documents. One of them is the form L1i – Erklärung zur ArbeitnehmerInnenveranlagung also known as an employee’s declaration of tax measurement.

What is the L1i form?

Form L1i is an attachment to the L1 form. It provides additional confirmation to the Austrian tax authorities that your only income came from Austria and you do not have any income from any other country except for Austria. Each L1i form has a unique number which is registered at the Austrian tax office. Based on this form you will be considered an Austrian tax resident and will be able to benefit from the Austrian tax allowances.

The difference between L1 and L1i forms

Forms L1 and L1i can be easily confused, but both of them have different function:

  • form L1: it is an official document for filling the Austrian tax return,
  • form L1i: it is an attachment to the L1 form. With this form you would become a taxpayer with unlimited tax liability.

Another attachment to L1 form can also be L1k form (to apply for tax allowances related to children) or L1k-bF form (to apply for tax allowances in specific cases).

How do I get the L1i form?

The process of gaining the L1i form is a bit more complicated. It is not a publicly accessible document, therefore it is not possible to download it and fill it. You have to request it from the Austrian tax office, which communicates only in German. The request needs to be filed electronically, and you can choose the method of delivering the form:

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