Are you Self-employed and need an Income Tax Return? Do-it-yourself, online, even if you are not an accountant!

18th Mar 2018

Ever wondered, if you can do your own taxes, expecially when you live abroad and not familiar with the local tax law? We have worked hard to come up with application that is user-friendly and helps you fill out your return in 3 steps. You don´t have to download any files, nor read tons of instructions you wouldn´t understand anyway. All you need is a decent internet connection.

Let´s see on example of Adam, an English language teacher in Brno, how simple it can be!

Adam is self employed, or in Czech – OSVČ, and made 480,000 crowns in 2017. He pays a mortgage on housing, total of 80,000 crowns a year.

  1. Adam clicks the checkbox: Have you been self-employed in 2017? And continues to fill in the rest of required data.

  2. For Adam, as self-employed, using “Flat Expenses”, it is important to fill in correct Code of activity, so called NACE. This is to make sure, he is entitled to 60 % of Flat Expences rate. Check the help-window to see, what are the other rates. For most of the business activities applies a 60% rate of expenses.

Tip: If you are not sure what your NACE code is, ask at the Živnostenský odbor.

The tax calculation is visible while working on taxes.

  1. Adam paid taxes in advance (although he did not have to) and has been self-employed for 12 months.

  2. Now, the mortgage expenses. As mentioned, Adam paid 80,000 crowns on interest. He received a confirmation by his bank and he must attach it to his tax return.

  3. After completing all steps, Adam gets the documents by email. In the cover letter, he will find everything he need to do to file his taxes properly.

It all took about 15 minutes. Of course, your tax return might be different, but not much more difficult. The other good news – you only pay 199 crowns. Want to try?, or start straight away here.

Watch our video tutorial to see how the application works.


Interested in becoming our partner and having the application on your website? We´ll be happy to hear from you! Please contact Katarina.