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Which documents do I need to file a tax return in Germany?

18th Nov 2021

Learn about what different documents you may need to file your tax return.

General tax form

No matter how much money you make, all individuals have to fill out the same general tax form. In this tax form you will fill out all the information necessary for the tax office to find out how much money your employer paid as income tax and how much you were actually supposed to pay. The tax office needs information like how many children you have, if you are single or not and more.

You need to figure out your tax class before filing. Does it sound too complicated? Use our simple app and file your tax return today. All you will need is your Lohnsteuerbescheinigung (earning document).

Tip: We can help you replace your missing documents like your Lohnsteuerbescheinigung. You can order our replacing missing documents service here or use our tax services with a specialist to be able to file your tax return without your Lohnsteuerbescheinigung.

EWR / E9

The EWR form is used to declare unlimited tax liability of those who have their permanent residence outside of Germany, Persons with unlimited tax liability can make use of benefits such as tax allowances. If you don't live in Germany but over 90% of your income is generated in Germany, you are entitled to unlimited tax liability. We wrote a more in depth article about the EWR form.

Additional tax forms

Apart from the general tax form you may have to fill out some other forms as well. Different forms are used to declare different things.

Some of the additional forms may be used to declare:

  • foreign income of self-employed individuals (AUS),
  • capital income (KAP),
  • income of self-employed individuals (S),
  • income from renting and leasing (V),
  • and many more.

Which documents do you need to keep?

Starting 2017 you are no longer obligated to connect all of the supporting documents to your tax return when filing it. You still have to provide all of them as proof upon request from the tax office.

Documents that have to be attached to the tax return:

  • Capital gains tax and interest deductions,
  • Exceptional charges (medical expenses, maintenance, etc.),
  • Retirement provision,
  • Social benefits,
  • Donations,
  • Disability,
  • Certificate of study,
  • Capital-forming benefits,
  • Proof of a double household,
  • Your childrens' birth-certificate.

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