Last update: 16th Jan 2024
Published: 26th Nov 2022

What happens if you do not file a German tax return?

There is a close link between working in Germany and filing a tax return. But what if you don't file a tax return? How does this affect you?

Last update: 8th Jan 2024
Published: 5th Apr 2022

Work in Germany versus tax return

Are you required to file tax return in Germany? What are the requirements for filing a tax return? Even if you are not obliged to file a tax return, you can file it voluntarily and claim a tax refund.

Last update: 4th Jan 2024
Published: 28th May 2021

Everything you need to know about minijobs

Are you looking into finding a side job in Germany? Were you thinking about minijob? We summarized everything you need to know in this article.

Last update: 6th Dec 2023
Published: 11th Mar 2020

Germany: Confirmation of local income with EU/EEA certificate (also known as Bescheinigung EU/EWR)

Under certain conditions, people who live abroad and largely generate their income in Germany can be treated as subject to unlimited income tax in Germany.

Published: 6th Nov 2023

Soka-Bau - German Vacation Fund

If you send employees to Germany for construction work, you are obliged to register with the German vacation fund known Soka-Bau. How does this process work?

Published: 25th Feb 2023

How is rental income taxed in Germany?

Do you own property in Germany? What tax obligations do you have as a result of this ownership?

Published: 25th Sep 2022

Invitation to file a tax return in Germany - Erinnerung / Prüfung der Steuerpflicht

Are you doing business in Germany and have you received a notice from the German tax authorities entitled "Erinnerung or Prüfung der Steuerpflicht"?

Published: 1st Dec 2021

Tax classes (Steuerklassen) in Germany

It's time to check your tax classes in Germany: yes, you can change it and of course you can claim a refund.