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Lower your taxes using costs!

10th Sep 2019

Did you know that you can lower your taxes by declaring costs?

The costs which could be deducted by tax authorities are:

Travel cost: tickets or use of a car. You would need to send us copies of the driving license and the car registration form and a proof of lease / ownership agreement in German language.

Cost of housing – rent contract. If the amount of the rent was withdrawn by your employerm , you will provide a payslip (the documents must show clearly how much money you paid for rent per year.)

• If you have a mortgage in your home country or Germany, you should send us any documents that could prove it (contract, repayment schedule). All the documents must be in German language. Please note that you are entitled to the deduction of German accommodation cost only if you are married and/or have child(ren) or you actually own this property (house, also rent a house or flat) in your home country.

• If you rent a car: you will need to send us car rental contract

• If you have had other costs, somehow related to your work needs, such as purchasing work clothes, glasses, job needs, car repairs, German language courses etc., you will need to prove them as well.

The tax offices have the right not to accept all proof of costs. This is based on currently available information and is subject to change.

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