Filing a tax return in Poland

27th Apr 2022

Filing a tax return in Poland isn’t so complicated, but there are a couple of points that can ease the whole process for you.

Documents required:

  • ID (card, passport)
  • PIT-11 (earning document)
  • Power of attorney
  • PIT-37 (tax declaration form)
  • ZAP3 form

Earning document

According to the Polish tax offices, each employee should receive a PIT-11 form from his employer at the end of the tax year. In this document you can find all the necessary information: income, taxes paid, social and medical insurance etc. Moreover, your PESEL number should be mentioned there.

TIP: PESEL number is a national identification number used in Poland. It consists of 11 symbols and is mandatory for all residents and non-residents, who are staying in Poland for more than 2 months.

Difference between residents and non-residents while filing

If the person worked in Poland for more than 183 days, he is already a resident and could apply for different tax bonuses. For example, to apply for the child bonus you need a child's birth certificate or confirmation of education (school, college etc.).

There are also other bonuses you can apply for, if you have a confirmation. If you paid for an internet connection, you can add your invoices while the tax declaration.

ZAP3 form

This is a confirmation of your bank account, where currency and your personal information can be found. This confirmation is needed to verify that the bank account is still active and the owner is a taxpayer.

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