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Coronavirus, deadline for filing the 2020 tax return extended in Italy

23rd Mar 2020

If you have worked in Italy and need now to submit your tax return, be advised that there are some changes regarding the fiscal obligations as well: in other words, it means that the deadline to submit tax returns is postponed.

Coronavirus increased its victims in Italy in the past 48 hours and the whole country has been placed under quarantine: the decree “I stay home” by the Prime Minister’s Office imposed a lockdown to Italian population, closing shops and offices and avoiding all unnecessary movements of people.

Postponement of the fiscal deadline

Thanks to this special decree approved by the Italian government in order to help employees, this year you have more time to meet your fiscal deadline: your tax return must be filed to the Italian tax office before September 30, 2020. The original deadline was June 30th. You still have time to submit your tax return but we highly recommend you not to do it too late, our advice is to communicate your data to the tax office as soon as possible so that your tax return will be processed on time.

However, it is also possible to submit your tax return electronically starting from the 5th of May: in this case you would have more chances to get your refund in a shorter time. Indeed, if you submit your tax return early you should not have to worry about your tax refund: the government says that there is not going to be any delay regarding refunds, so if you submit the tax return 2020 in May you can still expect your refund to arrive by the end of July.

Neotax can help you with the tax obligation in Italy, check this link to continue.

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