Published: 6th Nov 2023

Tax returns and refunds from the Netherlands

Have you worked in the Netherlands? Apply for a tax refund. Here you will find an overview of deadlines, documents and other information needed to file a tax return in the Netherlands.

Published: 4th Nov 2019

How to fill out a Dutch Personal Income Statement (EEA)?

EEA is a document, that the Dutch tax office requests to declare your income which is not taxed in the Netherlands. This means, that you have to confirm if you did or did not have income in any other countries (such as in your home country).

Published: 7th Sep 2018

Income Tax Refund from the Netherlands

The Netherlands have progressive tax rates which are determined by your wage. The higher your income, the higher your tax rate.

Published: 27th Apr 2018

The Netherlands - Child benefits

Our clients can also apply with us for child benefits from the Netherlands. In case that clients have applied on their own we can provide them consultation.

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