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Replacing missing document

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Price list

    25EUR / per document
    VAT included
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    • We will obtain the necessary documents for you.
    35EUR / per document
    VAT not included
    • You won't pay anything now. We will deduct a fee from your refund.
    • We will obtain the necessary documents for you.


  • 1. Who is this service for?
    • It is designed for those who miss some important document which is necessary to complete a tax obligation in given country. Usually this document is the final earning document from your employer for given year.
  • 2. What documents you can replace?
    • We will do our best to replace any document which is of importance for the tax process. In most cases, we focus on the final earning documents from your employer but we can help you also with requesting a copy of your tax return for instance.
  • 3. How do you replace the document?
    • We contact the relevant authority or employer and try to find a way for the document to be reissued. We cannot guarantee that a given document will be provided but we will do our best to obtain it.
  • 4. How long it takes?
    • Depending on the cooperation of the other party, the process usually takes 2 weeks but can be prolonged to several months if the counter party is not cooperative.
  • 5. What if my employer is closed for business?
    • Even in such situation we might be successful in getting the necessary documents. In many cases, the state authority might be involved to complete the task.


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