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Tax return

Have you work abroad and want process a tax return? Select the country where you worked. Didn't find the country you were looking for? Contact us.



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Price list

  • preCalc
    Online Tax Calculation
    • Online tax calculator
    • Immediate tax result
    • Tax result certificate available to print
  • Basic
    Do-it-yourself online version
    • Do-it-yourself version, done in 15 minutes
    • You fill out the online questionaire form
    • We send you your tax return and detailed instructions
    • No additional customer support is available
    • Entire communication with tax office is done by you
    • You can buy our consulting / help services anytime
    Assisted tax processing
    • You don't have to pay anything in advance
    • You register in online form
    • We prepare your tax return and file to the tax office
    • We represent you in front of the tax office
    • We create bank account for receiving tax refund
    • You can buy our other consulting / help services anytime
  • VIP
    All inclusive tax processing
    • Advance payment

    • Includes all PREMIUM services
    • Priority processing is guaranteed by us
    • You will get dedicated tax specialist
    • We assist with tax debt payment
    • We transfer your refund without transfer charge
    • We obtain missing documents for you

Child benefits

In addition to the tax return, you can also claim benefits for children from Austria and Germany. This means that you can earn extra money if you have a child/children and work abroad.

All EU residents are entitled to child benefits. If you are not a resident, you can still receive contributions if you meet the required criteria - more information in the FAQ .



Price list

  • Child benefits
    99EUR / per year
    + 9 % from refund

Pension refund

In addition to the tax return, you can also apply for pension contribution refund from several countries.

This means that you can receive the money you paid on pension if you are a non-EU citizen and worked in EU. If you are EU citizen, you can still receive contributions if you meet the required criteria - more information in the FAQ.

If you are interested in this service, please fill out this FORM.

Price list

  • Pension refund
    199EUR / per year
    + 20 % from refund

About us

Since 2012, we have been providing services in the area of accounting and tax consultancy for foreigners or residents in most European countries. As we know how hard it is to get around with all those rules and laws, we try to speak to you, our client, in a simple language. We approach each client, whether you are an individual or a company, with the best care, and provide services that you are looking for.

We have served over one million clients within nearly 100 jurisdictions around the world. That´s a number which helped us understand the various needs of our clients and keep improving our work. Not a phrase.

We put a strong emphasis on providing our services online. No matter where you live or work, we will solve your issues online. Our wide range of services starts with basic do-it-yourself products, such as preparing your tax return in a couple of clicks, through receiving tax advisory and accounting services by a team of specialists in many different countries of the world. All for a fraction of price that the BIG4 would charge.

Our latest project serves as a very unique online marketplace, to be able to network you to specialists around the world, proven by us, just based on what you are looking for. May it be a tax return for country, half a world away from you, or tax services if you run your business abroad.

All you need to do is tell us what you need.


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