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How to file british tax return through Neotax.eu app?

31st Oct 2019

Do you want to get your money back through a tax refund using our app?

You can fill out the form in 2 simple steps online and from the comfort of your home. In order to file you will need your income confirmation from your employer:

  • P45 form, part 1A – if your work relationship has ended or
  • P60 form – if your work relationship has not ended yet

Step 1 is regarding taxes paid. Simply copy over the information from P45 or P60 forms.

For filling this form you will need the P45 or P60 forms. Both can be acquired from your employer.

Fill in your personal details in step 2 and you’re done.

Fill your personal information and the amount of days you have worked in the Great Britain. Mention the destination country and departure date if you are leaving the country. This information will be rewritten into your tax return. After payment we will immediately send you an email. In the tax return you will find instructions on how to proceed.

I want to file a tax return