A 50% tax relief, so-called “Lavoratori impatriati” was introduced for individuals a few years ago, performing their working activity with a permanent residency in Italy. Thanks to this tax allowance, taxpayers were able to pay a progressive income tax on 50% of their income.

Na 50 % daňových úlev, takzvaných “Lavaratori impatriati” mají nárok osoby pracující v Itálii, kteří jsou zároveň rezidenty Itálie. Díky této slevě na dani platili daňoví poplatníci progresivní daň pouze z 50 % jejich příjmů.

50 % -né oslobodenie od dane, takzvané „Lavoratori impatriati“, sa vzťahuje na zamestnancov s trvalým pobytom v Taliansku. Vďaka tomuto oslobodeniu od dane daňovníci zaplatili progresívnu daň z príjmu iba z 50 % svojich príjmov.

What does it mean to be a resident in a foreign country?

A resident is a taxpayer with unlimited tax liability.

You can file a tax return in 3 easy steps online and from the comfort of your home.

If you are employed in Great Britain there is a good chance you are eligible for a tax refund. What kind of documents do you need for that?

Form L16, also known as Lohnzettel in Austria. What is it for and what does it consist of? What should I do if my employer refuses to release it?

You work in Austria and when filing your tax return you don’t know the answer to the key question: “Am I or am I not a tax resident of Austria?”

When is this document required?

If you file a tax return in austria you can find out the tax office address very easily. In your Lohnzettel document you will find a line called “Finanzamt Nr.”

I am employed in Austria. How can I decrease my tax base and increase my tax refund?